Lokesh Rana – Visionary entrepreneur who rose high with his integrity and outstanding leadership

Lokesh Rana – Visionary entrepreneur who rose high with his integrity and outstanding leadership

Lokesh Rana, born in 1993 in Karnal Haryana is the founder of Goonj Records production house and music label that had achieved greater heights in North India. Former Brand Ambassador of Digital Gateway, Lokesh Rana has expanded his wings not just in Hindi entertainment but also in Rajasthani and Bhojpuri entertainment.To establish a presence and build a successful brand, all that is required is a great idea and the determination to bring it to life. Lokesh Rana stood out in the industry because of his innate ability to recognize the ideal idea for growing his company Goonj Records.

Every startup has a vision, and Lokesh Rana created Goonj Record as his perception of how his company should build in the future. Online promotion services are also offered by his company, Goonj Record. Lokesh Rana founded Goonj Records in 2015 after overcoming obstacles at one point in his life. As an associate director for this production company, Lokesh created some of the most well-known songs, including Zumba Zumba and Dil todya, which was sung by Ankit Tiwari. He also worked as a producer and director on projects like Dhanbhag, Oyehoye, wallpapers, and many others. Goonj Record also offers PR services as part of its range of services.He along with every team member is aligned with his vision of the company and is equally passionate about it.

In today’s competitive day and age, being just an entrepreneur is not enough, it takes a visionary leader to survive. Lokesh Rana though belonged toa middle-class family he always had a dream of doing something different to achieve greater heights and this willpower pushed him to come to Mumbai and embark on his journey in the field of entertainment.He worked as an assistant director initially however his luck did not favour him and he moved back from Mumbai in 2013. As the saying goes, when the going gets tough only the tough get going, similarly Lokesh did not stop and after a purposeful and organized search for change he coined Goonj Record in the year 2015 and since then there is no looking back. His never say die spirit have ignited others and inspired them to become all that they can be.

Lokesh Rana’s journey reminds us that through determination, grit and a little of luck you can over any circumstances and achieve extraordinary success. Lokesh Rana’s story of heroic struggle against odds, survival and eventual triumph have always inspired people, given them hope, courage to fight and egged them on to preserve.

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