Super Brain Yoga Workshop and Character Building For Students

Super Brain Yoga Workshop and Character Building For Students

The youth of today are tomorrow’s future. According to Aristotle,” Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” The brain needs to be constantly charged with positive stimuli. Young ignited minds –  developed minds that can think, assimilate and process information will grow up into wholesome personalities who will then contribute to a nation’s health and well-being.
This article talks about an interesting and superfast technique that energizes and recharges the brain instantly – the “Super Brain Yoga” (SBY) technique with the focus on school and college kids.
Super brain yoga is a squatting exercise that helps improve your mental wellness. This technique is designed to activate, energise and strengthen the brain cells so that the brain can retain and process information at a faster rate.
Radiaant Pranic Healing Centre, Thane, decided to conduct Super Brain Yoga workshops across schools in Thane and nearby areas. Our aim was to introduce this forgotten technique to the entire school community (teachers, students, parents) so that more and more individuals could reap its benefits.
More than 15000 students have been benefitted by these workshops conducted over a span of 6 months. We also taught students the importance of character building which helps them develop healthy habits and qualities; work on their strengths and weaknesses and aids in overall decision making.
The following schools and colleges in and around Thane have been covered:
1. Goenka International School
2. Hiranandani School
3. Euroschool
4. Saraswati School
5. Indo Scottish School
6. Narayana School
7. Utkarsha College
8. Jeevan Sawardhan
9. LAES School
Benefits of Super Brain Yoga
➢ Better memory & concentration among children.
➢ Improved IQ, EQ and SQ
➢ Increase in creativity and mental clarity among children
➢ Improves brain function by synchronising both sides of the brain
➢ Improved social and communication skills
➢ Helps to reduce stress  
Benefits of Character Building
➢ Improved confidence
➢ Renewed self esteem
➢ Helps acknowledge strengths and work on the weaknesses
➢ Leads to overall success in life
We would like to thank all these participating schools for their positive response to these workshops. Teachers and students were surprised to know that this technique which is usually looked down upon as a “punishment” could in fact act as a “reward” for them and their students.  
We would like to see this technique spread far and wide not just among school children but also parents, other individuals and among other organizations too.
These workshops are part of Radiaant’s free sevice projects. We follow what our Guru Master Choa Kok Sui has said “ Think of ways to do service. By giving and sharing, you become a channel of abundance.”

With Help of Following Volunteers this project was implemented.

Sarika Biwalkar &Vishvnath Biwalkar- Radiaant Founder

Radiaant Team -
Anindita Banerjee
Sucheta Pande
Dolly Soni
Vandana Sharma
Sonali Tandel
Shweta Singh
Geeta Mohapatra
Harpreet ,
Chaavi Prakash
Prashant Shah
Seema Vanjari
Asmita Pande
Akshata Pande
Sangeeta Pande
Sweta B

If you wish to know more about this workshop or would like to conduct one in your organization, please contact:

Radiaant Pranic Healing Centre @ 9819852675/9833357067