“Time and Tide Wait for None” - An immersive glance into owning your time

“Time and Tide Wait for None” - An immersive glance into owning your time

Dr. Awdhesh Singh, the author of the book “Master Your Time Master Your Life” is a highly accomplished educationist. He received his education from prestigious institutions like IIT(BHU) and IIT Delhi. The author has also served in the IRS and took voluntary retirement to fuel his passion for writing. The author’s time management values and skills have made him achieve such immaculate feats in life; his firm belief in worshipping one's time has led him to become the author of 9 self-help books and share his repository of knowledge with the world. In the author’s words "Time is precious, finite, and invaluable. We need to be intentional with how we use our time and what we focus our attention on.” Click on this link below to unlock the invaluable treasure of mastering your time: https://www.rollingauthors.com/awdhesh

 Let’s immerse into the author’s ideas and views on time and get a glimpse into the treasures his work holds for its readers

 Q1. The aspect of time has been evaluated, analysed and debated in literary, scientific as well as socio-political realms. Both in abstract and in substantial terms what is time for you?

 Time is the greatest resource available to human beings. You need time to achieve anything worthwhile in the world, like wealth, knowledge, love or power. We all have identical time at our disposal, but those who make the best use of time make the best life for themselves, while those who waste their time, lead a miserable life. Your good time comes when you value time.

 Q2. Can you narrate your journey towards finding the right time management techniques for yourself?

 I always believed in smart work instead of hard work and try to find the most efficient way to complete a task. In schools and colleges, I used the most efficient method to learn a subject to produce the best results. As a civil servant, I produced excellent results working efficiently leaving me ample time for reading and following my passion for writing. Even today, I make the best use of my time and teach civil services aspirants daily, and read almost 40 books and write one book every year.

 Q3. What inspired you to share the secrets of time management with the world?

 I have noticed that most people are hard-working, but they fail to achieve the success and happiness they deserve in life. They often miss their targets and deadlines because they don’t know how to deliver the best results in a limited time. I wish to help people know the best time management techniques to help them produce far superior results within a short time and help them lead a more fulfilled life. I have been using all these techniques myself and they have produced wonderful results.

 Q4. Science and Literature are often regarded as opposite poles in academia, what was it that drove you towards writing, and how did you feel upon publishing your very first book?

 The knowledge of science is essential to know the objective ‘reality as it is’ using reason, logic and evidence. Literature, on the other hand, helps us understand human emotions and see the world from others' points of view. Science is rational and connected with the mind, while literature is emotional and associated with the heart. When our head and heart are friends and on the same page, we experience true knowledge and bliss. I felt great when my first book ‘Practising Spiritual Intelligence’ was published in 2013 by Wisdom Tree after years of effort. Since then I have been publishing almost one book every year in different genres.

 Q5. What is one key concept from the book you would like to tell your readers? Is there any advice that you wish to share with them on writing, reading and life apart from the books you have written?

 I believe that we are the most blessed generation in the history of mankind. If we make the best use of time, we can achieve anything in our life. We must develop the habit of reading a variety of books to develop a wider perspective of life and understand the real world. The more you understand yourself and others, the more you can accomplish in the world. It is a good habit to write regularly and share your thoughts. Clear writing leads to clear thinking which is essential to lead a joyful life.

 This interview was only a partial reflection of what the thoughts of a bestselling author, like Doctor Awdhesh entail. You must click on the link below to know more about the book and order your very own copy!