Sreeucchista kali sakthipeetam charitable trust by AA Pravin Yogi is coming up with a huge temple of Kali Mata in Tamil Nadu

Sreeucchista kali sakthipeetam charitable trust by AA Pravin Yogi is coming up with a huge temple of Kali Mata in Tamil Nadu

With rigorous devotion and tapas toward Kali Mata from the past 16 years AA Pravin Yogi was always been inclined toward spirituality. Bursting with a new indescribable level of ecstasy AA Pravin Yogi was envisioned to create a distinction with his spiritual experience and that gave birth to his desire to form Sreeucchista kali sakthipeetam charitable trustand coin Kali Mata Temple, that would not just become a pilgrimage but would serve the society at large.

A substantial Kali Mata temple will be constructed on 250 acres in Tamil Nadu by the charitable trust SreeUchhista Kali Sakthi, led by AA Pravin Yogi. Out of that, a 10-acre-plus ashram will be built, where anyone who is interested in learning about Upasana, homam, pooja, and other spiritual practices will be able to attend free classes. Each follower will receive complimentary lodging and meals.

The goal is to assist the needy, the elderly, the disabled, orphans, and women. In order to promote social harmony, SreeUcchista Kali Sakthi Peetam Charitable Trust has launched a number of charitable initiatives. These programs have been launched to help the general public. Education through outreach programs, health care, free food distribution, reintegration of prisoners' families, women's welfare, zero-waste management, an environmental protection and conservation campaign involving the planting of trees (green power), the protection and care of cows, arts on revival With an emphasis on culture and rich heritage, water distribution in rural areas during the summer, tribal welfare, mass weddings, and the restoration of ancient Maa Kali temples are just a few of the programs that are being implemented.

It goes without saying that Hindus worship thousands of different Gods and Goddesses. Among those millions of gods, Kali Mata is well-known, and the SreeUcchista Kali Sakthi Peetam Charitable Trust plans to establish a substantial temple for Mother Kali on a site measuring 250 acres.By minimizing the differences created by caste, religion, creed, race, and wealth, the trust is a non-profit organization that strives to foster universal brotherhood and unity.

In order to accomplish this goal, SreeUcchista Kali Sakthi Peetam Charitable Trust, as it is known, was established. For the benefit of humanity, trust performs a great number of pujas and yogas and makes it possible for a man to lead and be righteous.SreeUcchista Kali Sakthi Peetam Charitable Trust is envisioned to teach free Upasana to all people with free food and accommodation.

The Temple facilities will include the following:

  • Help Desk where different devotees can communicate for any information required about the temple
  • For the convenience of pilgrims visiting the Ucchista kali sakthipeetam, the management will set up a secure cloakroom at the entrance where visitors can leave their belongings—such as bags, food, and cell phones—and retrieve them after leaving the temple.
  • To give devotees a comfortable place to stay, perform deeds, and receive the Divine Blessings of Kali Mata, a dormitory will be built with all the necessary amenities.
  • The SreeUcchista Kali Sakthi Peetam will make equipped with State-of-the-Art cooking facilities to prepare tasty and nutritious food.
  • Maa Kali devotees will travel from all over the world, and SreeUcchista Kali Sakthi Peetam Charitable Trust fulfills the responsibility of providing clean drinking water.
  • Planning for the entire campus will be done to ensure public comfort. Clean and orderly open spaces must be maintained at the entrance, in the line-up areas, and all around the temple for the convenience of the pilgrims.
  • Planting trees in hopes of sitting in their shade is the true meaning of life. SreeUcchista Kali Sakthi Peetam Charitable Trust aim is to green India's earth, and now they have expanded to include forest projects all across the India!

With the aim to organize and initiate health, educational, and welfare programs for poor women and Children, Sreeucchista kali sakthipeetam charitable trustprovides Education to poor children, free dispensary for public service, and skill development training.

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